ABout us

Aquisource, LLC Mobile Fleet Services are on the cutting edge of fleet vehicle detailing, sanitizing and preventive maintenance.Our state of the art equipment is changing the fleet services business.We use eco-friendly processes to detail and sanitize your vehicles and by cutting down on the amount of time it takes to get your vehicles cleaned and ready for the road, you are always assured that you fleet is clean, maintained and ready to roll!!!!.

Advantages of Dry Vapor Steam

Aquisource uses vapor steam machines for mobile applications, developed to meet the needs of virtually every cleaning application.Our vapor steam machines can be used for auto body, dealership and fleet vehicles, boat, R/V, commercial cleaning, mobile car wash and other custom applications and industries

Why Choose Us

Ultimate Conservation

Steam greatly reduces exterior wash time. The traditional method of car washing is a five step process: pre-rinse, soap, rinse, dry and wax. Using steam, there are only two steps. Step one, the operator sprays the vehicle’s surface with steam and then dries the surface with a microfiber towel. Step two, the operator applies a surface protectant. Use steam to avoid damp interiors. Steam is a light, super-heated, vapor. Steam penetrates dirt quickly, kills bacteria and removes odors. With dry vapor-steam, upholstery dries in minutes, not hours.

Revolutionary Cleaning System

Our steamers can clean almost anything, almost anywhere. Our dry steamers offer the most effective and ecologically friendly method of cleaning today. Compared to traditional cleaning methods, dry steam is ideal because many locations are unequipped to deal with excessive waste-water, abundances of chemicals and the resulting downtime. Our Steamer can erase graffiti, eliminate infestations, mitigate mold, remove gum, and clear-up stains from surfaces all while deodorizing and sanitizing.

Our Steamer is pressurized and heated to 352°F, making it ready to steam for all day use in as little as 6 minutes*. We can reach hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, and tackle those harborage areas without generating overspray or puddles of waste water.

Our dry steam with gentle pressure can safely clean the most sensitive equipment components such as control panels, conveyor belts, HVAC coils and screens, walk-in coolers and freezers. Eliminate multiple steps of preparing, washing, soaping, rinsing, drying and cleaning up wastewater. Less downtime means more production and increased efficiency.